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My computer's motherboard broke, so I won't be on here much. I just finished a bunch of stories, but I won't be able to post them until after Christmas.
[y/n] went to the counter, starting their shift with her feminine looking coworker as per usual. The two engaged in idle conversation as they got ready for the day. Currently, working at a cafe was what suited the both of them best.
"I saw a few of our old friends from high school the other day." He smiled, beginning to make the sweets that he was always good at making.
"Other than Gaius, right?" She replied, pointing a thumb at where their boss was in the back room.
"The reunion was the other day, you know. Everyone was wondering where you were." He sighed.
"Well, with you and Gaius busy someone had to take care of the shop. We got a lot of customers, amazingly."
"A certain someone especially asked about you. It's not any of my business, but I think you two should meet soon. You were such good friends after all." The blond hummed, grabbing more hair pins from his apron's pocket; his hair had begun to obscure his vision and it was surely bad for an activity that could be easily messed up like baking.
"Is her hair still strawberry blonde? It always looked more strawberry than blonde." [y/n] mumbled, trying to avoid talking about her seriously. She had to get that lovely woman out of her mind sometime.
"Yes. She has a kid now." [y/n]'s facial features dropped for a split second before going back to normal. "Inigo is his name. Lovely little thing, shy as the dickens." The blonde smiled, remembering how red the boy's face got when anyone tried to talk to him.
"I see. That's great to hear. I mean, she is happy with her husband, right?" Libra shook his head, looking at her over his shoulder. "What, is he a dirtbag?"
"No, that's not what I meant. Though,  I suppose he would have to be... Olivia's divorced, you see? Turned out the whole 'lesbian phase' wasn't just a phase." He walked over to get some ingredients from the other side of the small kitchen, nudging [y/n] as he passed. "You have that in common." He chuckled. "I told her that I worked here with you and Gaius. She said she might drop by sometime." [y/n] lifted an eyebrow at him, not sure whether to ask if he was trying to hook the two up or not. "I mean, it is legal here..."
"I knew it." She grumbled under her breath, grinding the coffee beans more furiously than before. "It's rare for you to try to hook anyone up, Libra. What's so different this time?" He sighed as he turned back around.
"Well, your friendship did fall apart after the incident..." [y/n] glared at him, her face just barely showing traces of pink. "Don't you look at me like that. I didn't plain out say it. There is no one here anyway."
"Not all lesbians want to hook up with each other, you know." [y/n] groaned back, a frown almost spreading across their face.
"But you do want to date Olivia. Don't try to defend yourself, I know it's true." He smiled, pouring the batter he'd be working on into individual molds. "I do believe you have a chance. Her eyes perked up when she heard your name."
"Be quiet, would you?" [y/n] replied sorely as she walked out to the front, turning the sign on the front door to 'open'. He followed behind, getting a timer from the front.

A woman walked into the cafe, holding her son's hand gently and lovingly as he hid behind her.
"U-um... Excuse me." She nearly whispered to the clerk who was doing something at the workstation behind the counter. The worker turned, stopping when she realized who was there. She went back to a professional personality immediately.
"Is there something I can help you with today, ma'am?" She asked, getting out a notepad.
"Oh. D-do you remember me? I-I'm Olivia."
"...Oh, yeah. Good to see you again." She smiled, bringing the notepad down a little to seem open.
"I wish you'd gone to the reunion... N-nevermind. I shouldn't needlessly take up your time. Um... Inigo, would you like something?" She asked him, lifting him to see the things in the case. He immediately buried his face in his mother's shoulder.
"I'm fine." He whispered into her ear, refusing to look at [y/n]. He really was a shy little thing.
"How about a piece of cake? Lemon with chocolate frosting, right?" He looked over at the case, catching eyes with the employee and whipping his head back in an instant.
"Alright." She smiled. "We'll have two slices of that."
"Of course." [y/n] nodded, adding the prices for the cake into the register and getting through the transaction Scott-free.
"[y/n], um... We used to be such good friends. We should catch up sometime... C-can I have your number?" Olivia asked, her face going bright red. [y/n] nodded, looking around for a piece of paper she could give her old friend. She wrote her number on it quickly, then handing the bag that held the small family's cake slices. "I-I'll see you soon then." She gave a little wave before leaving with her brunet son. (or at least, that's what she thought that color must be; a very light, washy brown. Like Sumia's hair color, she noted.) She set everything up in the front, Libra coming out to see who the customer could've been and seeing just a whisp of strawberry-pink hair.
"Take over up here." [y/n] demanded, walking to the storage room and closing the door behind her securely. She sat down putting her back against the wall and covering her now fuming red face. She wasn't sure how she felt about kissing her best friend in high school at the moment; did it give her a chance? She slapped her cheeks, getting rid of the heat in her face, and left to go work the front again.
Olivia x Fem!Reader- Fake Highschool Girlfriend
I wanted to write modern AU stuff. So here's something with Olivia. I love her, she's so cute. I bet you she'd work as a dance instructor, but not be an a-hole (which is rare). If you didn't catch it, Reader-tan kissed Olivia when they were best friends in high school and it kind of ruined their friendship because feelings; falling in love with your best friend hurts when they might not be gay too.
Fire Emblem and all it's characters do not belong to me.
Nor do you belong to me.
I wanna write Modern AU Fire Emblem stuff, but that's sooo much work. Because then I won't be satisfied until I write something for everyone and I'll probs never do that, so it'll be just eternal hell if I start this up.
I have everything planned out and stuff too; reader-tan would be super cool and work at a let's play company like Machinima or Rooster Teeth. (I don't watch Machinima solely to annoy my brother, so she'd probably act more on the half of Achievement Hunter employee.) By cool I mean she'd be tatted up and have piercings and wear beanies (and look good in them).
But god, it's so hard to please people with platonic reader inserts. And it'd be a series and I hate writing those too, since you can never be sure where to end them.
Ugh, why do I do this to myself...?
I'm thinking of doing inserts for some characters who act all tough, but in actuality are huge nerds. I'm not as good at writing them as I'd like, so it'd be good to have some practice; they usually just come off as jerks. If they aren't very good, I may not even post them honestly... :iconsweatdropplz:
The manager was never a loud girl. Seeing as nearly everyone thought she was out of their league, she was never asked out. Which was good, considering her relationship status. She sat next to her significant other every day at lunch, the two were very touchy-feely in public, they made each other lunch, they gave each other candy on white day, they went on dates, they did everything couples did! But no one seemed to get that they were dating. The reason for which was the fact that they were both girls. And [y/n] was going to change that if it killed them.
"Kiyoko-chan." The girl whined, making her bespectacled girlfriend look over. "Kiyoko-chan, we should start calling each other 'girlfriend'. Then people will know we're dating."
"That wouldn't work though." She replied, eating the Tenmesu that was prepared for her in an attempt to show how well her girlfriend knew her. "People call their friends 'girlfriends' now."
"Hmm... Then we'll have to always hold hands."
"We already do."
"Yeah, but our hands always end up obscured by our skirts. Maybe we stand a bit farther apart than usual, or put our hands in front of us instead of to the side."
"It'd be uncomfortable to do that. Plus I like being closer to you."
"Aww, that's so cute, Kiyoko-chan." [y/n] smiled, putting her free hand to her cheek. Her expression hardened again immediately. "But the problem still stands... Maybe we can kiss in public more!"
"We'd have to kiss twenty-four-seven to get that across. And you said you don't appreciate when couples kiss on the mouth in public for more than a few seconds. Or between classes for goodbye."
"It's obnoxious... Man, this is hard to think up. People will assume we're just friends even if they caught us doin' the do." Kiyoko's face went red, making her bury her cheek into [y/n]'s shoulder. "Haha, you're so cute, Kiyoko-chan." The bell announcing the end of lunch chimed through the school, the two sighing and putting their things away. When they stood up to go to class, their hands linked near immediately.

[y/n] walked over to Kiyoko's desk as class ended, the two ready to leave the room. As they were about to leave though, a boy walked up to the two. He was clearly nervous as he stared at the space between the two, who now had him fully in their attention.
"Sh-Shimizu-san, p-please read this!" He stated, sticking a letter out to her. The two blinked, surprised someone finally got the guts to tell her about their affections. She took it slowly, the boy fleeing immediately. The two read it, seeing that it was your stereoypical confession letter. It took a bit before [y/n] realized something.
"Kiyoko-chan, that's it!" The girl announced, her eyes lighting up.
"What is?"
"This is how we can reveal that we're dating. When he asks for your reply, you'll say that you're already dating me. Eventually that'll spread around cuz he's a boy, we're gay girls, and we're in Japan." The girl seemed happy about the plan. "It's not foolproof, but it's all we've got." Kiyoko chuckled at how happy her cute girlfriend was.
"That could work, I guess." She smiled, stopping before the two parted ways. They pecked each other on the lips and said their goodbyes. When the both of them got to their respective destinations, they were asked why they looked so happy.

Within two days, it was known school-wide that the two girls were indeed dating. It wasn't like the two were ever hiding their relationship-- hell, even their parents knew. It sure was a lot different at school now that people had connected the constant displays of affection and the rumor. The members of the volleyball club were surprised at first, but that was drowned out by a wave of excitement. Who was this mystery girl? Could they meet her? How was their relationship going? How did they meet? The boys wanted to know every detail of the relationship during breaks, but it normally ended with Kiyoko turning into a blushing mess and everyone else patting her on the back and then getting back to practice. The coaches of the team were confused and decided to stay out of it, seeing as no harm was done at all. And the couple sure were enjoying being out in the open.
Shimizu Kiyoko x Fem!Reader-- Not In The Closet
Haha, how do you end stuff? Apparently I don't know. :iconshrugsplz:
I said I'd do it and I did. There are just not enough lesbian inserts out there. If you didn't know, it's pretty fucking rare to be gay and out of the closet in Japan unless you live in that gay city that I forget the name of.
For the record at the point where the lunch bell rings, I was almost gonna make this a smut where they do the do on the school roof. Ya know, like in a cliched hentai manga. But then I thought there was no way Kiyoko would skip class and it didn't happen. Ah, what could have been: a shitty smut scene with Kiyoko getting the pun that I use for my name on here (cunning linguist). Haha, wow. :iconsweatdropplz:
Haikyuu does not belong to me, nor do any of its characters. And neither do you.
I want to write inserts about girl characters. I am inspired. Expect them soon. :iconexciteplz:
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Hey there. My name is Kori, but I prefer Rae. I am an asexual, non-binary person. Please use they/their/them pronouns. I like coffee, walking around barefoot, rain, cats, dogs, rpgs, and monsters. Also, I have a cat named Young Prince Astrological Cat... Or Space Cat, for short.
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