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Why did she always do those things? She left in the middle of conversations with no warning, just standing up and leaving as people watched and went silent in confusion. She would rest her head against anything except for him, which constantly pissed him off. She would pick up his cat and his cat would not leave her lap for the entirety of the night all the while purring, even after she would move from here to there. She would stay in bed all day, but as soon as he sat down on it as well she'd move to the floor. She would text him insults and kissy emoticons, which confused him every single time he looked at his phone. And those were the ones that didn't really annoy him.
The things that annoyed him the most were the nice things. She'd have him sit in her lap, holding her hands around his waist and breathing lightly onto his neck and back. She'd press kisses to the back of his ears and neck, making him shiver at each touch. She'd grab his arm and lean into his shoulder when cold, then let go when it became hot and leave him wanting more of her touch. She'd mumble “I love you's” into his back, sighing after each group of the phrase. She'd mess with his hands, telling him that they were cute and handsome and she loved them and by extension him. She'd play with his hair, he trying to ignore her as he worked. She'd push their chests together when she would rarely sit on his lap, allowing him to feel her heartbeat, then let go and look at whatever he was doing. She'd drape her arms over his shoulders on his more stressful days, and wait for him to calm down after he'd yell at her for it. She'd stay up with him so late that she'd be unable to even move from how tired she was. And those things annoyed him the most.
“Kyoya, you're being weird.” She sighed into his shoulder blades, between comfortable breathes. He rolled his chair away from the desk, standing up and leaving her confused in the seat, crossing her legs in the spot where he used to be in front of her. She tilted her head at him, tired from staying up late with her boyfriend. “Hm?” He put his hands onto the armrests on either side of her, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her lips. As he pulled away she brought her sleeved arm to her lips, lightly touching them with her small fingertips. “Hm... Okay.” She reached her arms out, straightening her legs off the edge of the chair. He picked her up, she humming into his neck as he did. He grumbled as he felt the warmth of her tired mouth press against the edge of his own. Those things also annoyed him.
Kyoya x Reader- Annoying
File name: This could realistically be anyone but Kyoya.
So I used to love the shit out of Mori, but recently I've been thinking of Kyoya with his cat and... That's all that matters, really. Cats, that is. I bet he cries when cats do cute things and Tamaki sends him videos of cats doing cute things without knowing this.
Anyway, sometimes I think it'd be nice to be not asexual because cuddling sounds nice, but no one is ever willing to do it platonically. Basically reader is me, but ya know. Also in the Game Grumps I was watching earlier Dan said "Suzy really loves you" to Arin and I was all thinking of how cute that is and that inspired this.
Kyoya doesn't belong to me and neither do you.
If there was one thing [y/n] loved, it was lizards. Sure, dogs and cats were cool, but lizards and lizard-like reptiles held a special place in her heart. Needless to say, due to this most people avoided the freakishly-inclined girl. She never really understood why, even if her boyfriend explained it to her a million times. And he did. Again and again and again.
The girl looked over her shoulder at her boyfriend, smiling as he entered the room.
“Hey, Tooru.” She waved, setting the large tegu into it's enclosure with it's food. God, how could she lift such a heavy creature? “What's up?”
“I was thinking we should go for a date, but...” He glared at the enclosure slightly, unadmittedly jealous of all the attention and love the scaly beast had been getting all day. Normally, girls would jump over themselves just to watch him practice. But not [y/n]. She would jump over herself to get home to play with the attention seeking reptile.
“Hm... Well, Ally doesn't like me leaving while she's eating...” She looked at the enclosure, seeing the tegu was curling up for a nap. “Ah! She's already asleep.” The girl looked into the glass case further, checking the bowl. “And she ate everything too.” The boy got his hopes up, seeing as this rarely happened. Normally the girl would want to sit around and pet the oddly named creature; seriously, who names a pet 'alligator jiggling fever'? He felt his hopes drop when he saw her next move. She reached out, opening the door of the enclosure and getting the bowl. Please, please, please, please don't let it wake up. Please, he wanted to go on a date. He watched the creature inhale, a small breath escaping him as all his worry melted. And then he heard it. A small yawn escaping the girl's lips.
“[y/n], if you're tired, we should just rest.” He said, his slightly curled locks bouncing as he looked at his girlfriend carefully.
“Huh? Didn't you want to go for a date though?” She yawned again, tears welling from the small action. The boy shook his head, grabbing the bowl from her and setting it down securely. He grabbed her hands, smiling at her.
“It's fine! Just let me rest with you.” The girl's face flushed pink, making the boy's do the same. “Okay?”
“Y-yeah.” The two of them walked to her bedroom, crawling on the bed and cuddling closely together as they got more comfortable. The captain was always relieved to find that her skin was nothing near that of a lizard's.
Oikawa Tooru X Reader- Lizard Queen
I love lizards so h*cking much. My cat is scared of lizards, so I can't get one. But I can dream.
Tegus are these really big lizard/monitors that grow to around fifty pounds and three feet long. Some breeds are really affectionate to the point where they'll ignore eating in place of cuddling. They're basically big, scaly puppies. The date was originally gonna be reader and Oikawa taking it for a walk, but that's rare unless you're at a reptile show; yes, taking it for a walk like you would a dog. But tegus really love being picked up and I imagine that'd get tiring. Either that or you'd get super ripped. I like the latter, but I wrote the former on accident...
So, originally reader was gonna be this tough biker chick who liked lizards and was quiet and intimidating and strong and just awesome. I was gonna use the reader I used in this one for something else, so maybe I'll just switch those two around. IDK what character to write that for though... Plus this was kind of OOC, cuz I really wanted to get the idea out before I lost it. Meh.
Haikyuu and it's characters do not belong to me, and neither do you.
So I'm reading Haikyuu again. So... Expect something with Oikawa soon, if I can manage to get him right.
Whoo, reminder that Grell is a transgender woman. And it's so explicitly stated in every chapter she appears. So seeing her as a cis man actually is transphobic as all hell. And in the official fanbook her dream is to get a sex change. So she's a she, not a he.
My...Other computer started working again... as soon as my new one got here...
Okay, so flu season is over. But not for me. I get sick every year, whether or not I get a shot. Every time I call my doctor about it, no matter who my doctor is, they're always too busy to take me in for another month or two. Last year I didn't get sick, so god-- cruel bastard-- decided that it should carry over to this year. And double the impact; first it was aches and pains, and now that those are gone I'm having fever dreams. And I'm close to getting truancy, so I can't get out of school without a doctor's note (see above). It started yesterday, but I have a cooking elective so I was hoping on getting rid of it by tonight. I'm geared up for tomorrow though (flu mask, shawl, cute outfit to make me look cute and vulnerable and needy AKA give me my own bus seat tomorrow for both of us-- my elective is cooking and we're going shopping for ingredients Tuesday).
I think my brother, who has recently been using the computer, installed a bug. Because he's a jackass. (He's the only one who has been on it since it started acting fishy) So it takes a few hours for anything to start up. Luckily, my laptop should be here within the next few weeks. So I'll be posting stuff. In the mean time, while I'm still sick, I think I'm gonna write some sick!reader stuff; at least one will be the reader actively kicking and yelling at their boyfriend to leave them alone or he'll get sick too. Also, one will definitely be the reader and their SO trying everything they can to get reader healthy again in time for school; not sure if this'll be platonic or not just yet. There will be a desperate lack of closeness, kissing, and the like in most of these because reader is sick after all.
Anyway, hope y'all are having a nice time and aren't sick. I sincerely do.
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Hey there. My name is Kori, but I prefer Rae. I am an asexual, agender person. Please use they/their/them pronouns. I like coffee, walking around barefoot, rain, cats, dogs, turtles, bears, birds, fish, rpgs, and monsters. Also, I have a cat named Young Prince Astrological Cat... Or Space Cat, for short.
I no longer do requests. Suggestions are fine though (but don't expect anything).
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