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England stood politely behind you, hands behind his back. You handed him the small tea cup and continued to the building. You opened the door and practically ran in. England followed on your heels. You looked around and walked quickly to the kitchen. You wanted to see if they had any interesting things there. In hindsight, you should have expected to see animals there. You looked at the table. The cloth was a union jack cloth. You looked at Britain, smiling over your shoulder.
"Remind you of anyone?" You teased, pointing at the table.He blushed a bit. Your smiles always had that effect on people. You sighed a bit. The musty smell of weathered wood was hurting your nose. Britain covered his mouth and nose, almost as if reading your mind.
"I'd rather be outside right now. It's not very welcoming in here, is it, love?" Britain said. "And that smell is unbearable." You nodded.
"Yeah. But it's warmer than outside." You sighed. He shrugged.
"Yes, that's true." He sighed. Suddenly you heard a large bang and shuddered a bit as a foot and floorboards from upstairs fell to the ground. You felt a bead of sweat run down your cheek.
"I guess this place isn't up to code, heh heh." You thought aloud. "Isn't it safer to be outside than in here?" You gulped a bit. Britain nodded.
"We should leave then." He sighed. You nodded. You both left, bored out of your mind. Britain leaned against a car. You could see him fake a smile.
"S-so, is there a guy you like?" He asked confidently. You thought for a minute then shrugged.
"You could say that." You replied, leaning against the car as well. He looked devastated. You smiled at him, looking at him with only the corners of your eyes.
"He's sending me some pretty mixed signals." You sighed happily. England was one of those people who were fun to mess with.
"Like what?"
"Well, he's nice but only sometimes."
"Oh, is that so?"
"One other thing kinda pisses me off about him."
"What is it?"
"He calls me 'love' sometimes, but if he thinks of me that way, he shoud just admit it, right?" You saw his face light up in a red color, feeling a little victory happiness.
"W-well, maybe he just d-doesn't know how to say that he loves you."
"I could see that. But I'm sure we're both getting impatient in waiting for the other to make the first move."
"I suppose I should make it, then." You yawned. You reached your hands around his neck and pulled him down toy our lips. You blushed a bit then looked at the ground afterwards.
"I love you, Arthur." You smiled under your breath.He picked your chin up and kissed you again.
"I love you too, _____"
"HEY! BRITAIN AND _____ ARE MAKING OUT!" You heard an obnoxious American yell from inside the mansion-type house. You shot a glare at him in the window, scaring him to the point of fainting. England held your shoulder.
"I should remember that you can do that. It'll come in handy." He smiled, kissing your cheek.
Link to intro:[link]
My mom just made me think marijuana was for real legalized here. I'm gonna be so sad when that happens.
Anyway, I loved writing this. I also REALLY wanted to get America to yell during some country's story. Why? Because I love how loud America is.
The item he threw in was tea bags for a second, but then I laughed and did a tea cup instead. Teabags (giggle giggle).
Hetalia and all its characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to you, Britain, or me(I know you probably won't choose me, but TEABAGS)
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